Our goal around here is to look more and more like Jesus every day. That’s why, this fall, we’re zeroing in on trading selfishness for selflessness. Jesus just had a way of making others feel seen and valued – even when it cost him something. For 21 days, we’re challenging you to do as Jesus did and become more others-focused. How? Through small, daily acts that shift your thoughts, habits and practices outward.

Our Challenge


Do something every day that puts others first.


Read a short, daily devotion to engage more deeply in this journey.


Some bonus ideas that will help you strengthen this habit of living selflessly:

  • Pick a time and place. Spend a few minutes reading the daily devotion and reflecting on your day. Plan ahead by identifying a quiet space and setting a reminder on your phone.
  • Step outside your comfort zone. It is not easy to put others first, but God will meet you as you follow him. Once a day, stretch yourself to live selflessly and talk to God about what you notice.
  • Do something to remember part of your journey each day. Use the habit tracker to write down a few notes. You could also take a photo each day of a detail, a scripture, or a place you wore your West Side t-shirt. (This also helps you remember and look back on this season later.)
  • Don’t do this alone. Connect with other Westsiders and commit to check in with one another through these 21 days. Accountability and encouragement make a big impact when developing a habit!
  • Make it fun! Use your creativity as you think about ways to love on the people and places that are close to you in your daily life.
  • Stay flexible. If you get off-track, jump right back in. Unexpected things happen, but don’t let it keep you from staying on the journey.

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Every habit begins with showing up one day at a time. Start now by signing up to receive a text message link to the 21 Days of Selfless Living daily devotions. Each day’s devotion will only require a few minutes of your time, but the payoff will be huge – you’ll be looking more like Jesus in no time. Join us!

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