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A Message from Eddie Lowen

I’m glad you found us. If you’ve been thinking, “I’d like to take a step toward God,” we can help. Whether you’re just beginning to think about Jesus, or finding your way back to him, we’d love to shine some light on your path.

What kind of church is West Side? Simply put, we help people meet Jesus and tap the Bible’s wisdom. We are convinced that everyone can learn to follow Jesus, regardless of the starting point. And, we’ve seen it happen for people who thought they’d never find a church that connects.

So, look around our site, then visit our campus this Sunday! If you function better with coffee in-hand, hit the café on your way in. See you soon!

Eddie Lowen
Lead Guy

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Jesus Changes Everything



We trust the Bible. It contains everything needed to get acquainted with God, to live well and to be a great church. The Bible is not only inspiring, it is historically and intellectually sound. Because it was written by dozens of authors over 16 centuries, only God could pull the Bible together. The Bible is a fully-aligned Story of how God is saving the world through Jesus. Sure, parts of it are tough to grasp because we live in a different time and place. However, when the Bible is taught clearly, it is understood and its power to change us is unleashed.

Questions about our doctrine and teaching may be sent to info@wschurch.org.


West Side Christian Church



West Side’s Elder Team serves behind the scenes and oversees West Side at a high level. Their primary role is watching over the health and unity of the church, while modeling the attitudes and actions of a healthy Westsider. They provide doctrinal, missional and financial accountability, while delegating authority for ministry strategy and leadership to the lead pastor and his staff team. The elder team currently includes:

  • Bill Groesch
  • Bruce Jacobson
  • Jonathan Lackland
  • Eddie Lowen
  • Ron Michaelson
  • Bruce Voorhees
  • Chris West


Everyone is Welcome.

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Sunday Worship
8:30 AM | 10:00 AM | 11:30 AM
8:00 AM (Traditional)

Join us this Sunday

2850 Cider Mill Lane
Springfield, IL 62702


Come and See

We get it. Coming to a new church for the first time can be intimidating. That’s why we go out of our way to make you feel welcome. Once you’re here—whether it’s because you’re looking for hope, friends or a positive influence for your kid —we can help you find it. At West Side, we’ve helped connect thousands to Jesus and his mission—and we want the same for you.

So, how do you get started?



Join us this Sunday at one of our service times:
8:30 AM | 10:00 AM | 11:30 AM
8:00 AM (Traditional)
Attend on-campus or online


Invite a Friend

Ask a friend to watch it with you this Sunday. Church is more fun with a friend!


Show Up

Wear what makes you comfortable and arrive a few minutes early, be ready for what God has to say to you.

Please note, our children's programming looks a little different right now. Children are encouraged to attend adult worship with their parents. Families with children under 8 years of age are asked to utilize our family viewing rooms to give your children plenty of space.

Sundays at West Side

Current Teaching Series

Fighting is nearly always a waste of opportunity and potential. That's true for both individuals and groups of people. But there is a "good fight" that is worth our blood, sweat and tears. The good fight is not a battle between us -- it's a battle within us.

Step into the ring with us on Sundays as we learn to fight The Good Fight and seek victory over those things that keep us from drawing close to Jesus.