Help your children experience West Side Kids from home each Sunday while we're away!

Hear from our Kids Ministry Team Leaders, watch fun Bible videos, and discuss biblical lessons as a family.


  1. Choose your child's ministry below. If you have kids in multiple ministries, feel free to space out each experience during the week.
  2. Use a connected device to navigate each step of the worship experience. On each page you'll find a video or resource. Complete each together.
  3. Once you've completed the video or resource on each page, click the blue button to continue. 


  • We've designed these resources for a smartphone or tablet, so make sure to have one available.
  • Make this your own by participating in ways that make the most sense for your family.
  • The best experience will be one where you're close together. Try sitting in a circle.
  • Give everyone a chance to read and talk by passing your device from person to person.

Click here to be reminded each Sunday morning when programming is available.