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We are returning to 4 services - now!

Sent September 14, 2020

You helped Make it Awesome yesterday at West Side!

A new series… great music… free t-shirts that carry a much-needed message… the news that kids ministry is re-opening October 18… and MORE PEOPLE in the house… all these things and more added joy to our campus yesterday. Because of it, we’re calling an audible at the line of scrimmage (hey, the NFL is back, so I had to go there).

Immediate Sunday Worship Schedule Change

We’ve hosted three Sunday gatherings for a number of weeks now, but since we’ve doubled the number of folks on campus, it’s time to return to FOUR.

Yesterday’s buzz was great, but we used five overflow spaces at 9:30 (and one at 11:00). If we spread the same number of people over four service times, the need for overflow areas will be diminished (though not eliminated). So beginning THIS COMING SUNDAY (September 20) our worship schedule will be…

  • 8:00 – Traditional Worship in the Multi-Purpose Room
  • 8:30, 10:00, 11:30 – Contemporary Worship in the Worship Center (and at

NOTICE we are NOT using the old schedule in the Worship Center. Why? We need to build-in surface cleaning time, transition time for family spaces and the parking lot – and we want our service start times to be more memorable (so you can share them from memory).

If you want to be on campus, but prefer the best possible distancing scenario (and the least chance of needing to use an overflow space), you’ll want to come at 8:30 or 11:30.

Have you been a volunteer – or want to be? If you want to make this transition less difficult for us, contact us to say you’re ready to come back or start as a volunteer.

The Good Fight

Yesterday at West Side was fun and meaningful. Your response to the energetic opener, the worship songs, the communion intro and the message – and even to the kids ministry announcement – all of these told us you’re ready for as much activity as we can safely host on our campus.

These days, we all feel like we’re fighting to make sense of the world and to live well. And we aren’t pretending that all our concerns are in the past. Some of them will linger for a while and require more attention from us. The Good Fight series will help us ensure that we’re engaged in the most important battles and in the best possible ways.

I love you guys,

Lead guy

PS – We are glad to be ramping up even further, but we want our environment to be consistently safe and comfortable for everyone. Keep wearing a mask in our building, please. Keep your distance while chatting and refrain from handshakes and hugs. Sanitize and wash your hands frequently. Let’s move the ball downfield with activity and engagement – but let’s do it well and with the highest degree of humility and consideration for one another.