Sent June 10, 2020.

I have good news and lots of information for you today. Please read carefully!

Phase 4 of Restore Illinois is expected to begin on Friday, June 26. Because a date for the start of Phase 5 appears to be months away, our leaders have determined to resume an adapted version of on-campus worship beginning Sunday, June 28. However, we are making significant adjustments to our programming and worship formats. Please read on to ensure you know what to expect and how you can help us worship together safely.

Our return to on-campus worship will likely unfold in two major steps:


Begins Sunday, June 28, 2020 | 8:30 | 10:00 | 11:30 | 1:00 (traditional)

  • Contemporary Services will occur both LIVE in the Worship Center and LIVE online at DURING ALL SERVICE TIMES (8:30, 10:00 and 11:30 CDT).
  • Our Traditional Service will temporarily meet LIVE in the Multi-Purpose Room at 1:00pm. Those who cannot (or should not) worship in person at 1:00pm are invited to join one of the available online services.
  • Because of the size and nature of the gatherings, ABFs will resume at a later date.


  • We will ask everyone to PARK NEAR & USE THE MAIN ENTRANCE ONLY.
  • The Hub (east) entrance will be used by staff and volunteers only.


  • Hand sanitizer and masks will be made available (but please bring your own, if possible).
  • Large signs will display instructions, reminders and wellness procedures.
  • MASKS are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED while on campus and REQUIRED when singing.
  • We ask that everyone use hand sanitizer upon entering the building.


  • Family Venues: Families with children ages 7 and under will worship in the NEW preschool and K2M rooms. Please understand: children under age 8 (including infants) will not be permitted in the Main Worship Center.
  • In family worship areas, each family will be assigned a “booth” with quiet activity resources for kids. For parents, the worship service will be streamed live from the Worship Center. Distancing guidelines will be followed to the best of our ability.
  • Checkpoint: Near the new indoor playground, members of our staff will greet and guide families with young children to a Family Venue.
  • Parents: We know there are similarities between our Family Venues and watching online from home. But it’s meaningful for us to come together for worship, even when it looks different than usual. Give it a try!


  • Main Worship Center
    • Because the Worship Center will be the broadcasting venue for online services, it will not be an appropriate venue for young children (under 8 years of age).
    • To promote distancing, we will fill only 30-40% of the seats. Every other row will be used; 2-3 empty seats will be maintained between households.
    • Due to distancing guidelines, ushers will seat each family or group systematically. Sorry, but during this phase, we can’t permit open seating (where you select your own seat).
  • The Waterside Room, The Waterwall and The Hub
    • These spaces will be available for those who arrive after the Worship Center fills (or who prefer a smaller environment).
    • Distancing will be practiced between households in these venues, also.


  • Gloved greeters will distribute individual communion packs in every venue.
  • Standing, secure offering boxes will be used; there will be no offering buckets passed.
  • Online connection cards will be used; no programs or printed info will be distributed.


  • The café will be open with limited (and well-spaced) seating.
  • Don’t panic! Free coffee will be served (by gloved volunteers).


  • Junior High will not offer Sunday worship until Re-Entry Step 2 (August).
  • JHM and HSM students will worship with parents.
  • A STUDENT MINISTRY MEET-UP will be hosted between services (in the concourse), along with 9-square in the gym.


Tentatively Scheduled for Sunday, August 30, 2020

  • Age-specific kids programs reopen
  • Sunday morning JHM services resume
  • “Promotion Sunday” will occur, so kids/students will move up to programs for their new grades
  • 8:00am Traditional Worship resumes
  • ABFs resume

Questions or Concerns?

After reading a great deal of information from a wide variety of perspectives, West Side’s leaders believe the plan outlined above is both appropriately determined and cautious.

However, if you have a question or concern you believe we haven’t considered, you can email us at this address: We’ll reply as soon as possible.

The Right Time For You

Friend, if you have reason to believe you are more susceptible to complications from coronavirus, or if you simply prefer to be as cautious as possible, feel free to continue to opt for online worship. Since we will continue to offer several online worship services each Sunday, you can easily continue to do so. Kids worship content will continue to be available online, also.


  • If another wave of virus cases makes it prudent for us to pause or slow our return to on-campus worship, we will return to online-only worship for a season.
  • Look for additional info over the coming week. If you have kids or students, look for instructions and information from the leaders of those ministries.
  • If you are on a volunteer team or participate in a group that is resuming its in-person activity, you’ll hear from its leaders, if you haven’t already.
  • Be as gracious and humble as possible as we navigate circumstances we’ve never before encountered.
  • Pray God will grant West Side’s leaders wisdom and strength.

See you soon,

Eddie Lowen
West Side’s lead guy