Sent May 8, 2020

Friend, you may not need to be convinced that joining me at this Sunday is a great idea – but if you were wavering and I had to convince you, I’d use these FOUR WORDS to help you get there:

  1. MEANING. One thing I love most about worship at West Side is that we don’t just check the box. Worship is a “we get to” and not a “we ought to.” After each week’s online gathering, we hear from Westsiders and guests that what happened really meant something to them.
  2. JOY. While it’s easier to smile and laugh while sitting in a room with hundreds of our friends, we’re continuing to learn how to convey the joyful spirit we all love about West Side in our online environment.
  3. IDENTITY. There is something good about bringing everyone in your home together for worship. It says, “This is who we are. We do this, even if we can’t do it exactly how/where we normally do it.” There’s a famous statement by Joshua in the Old Testament that begins, “As for me and my house…” Let online worship be your way to declare that the people of your house are God’s people. And if you have someone in your house who isn’t normally a worshipper, invite him/her to be part of it.
  4. GROWTH. It happens gradually over a lifetime, so we aren’t conscious of every gain – but God’s Spirit and word shape us from the inside out. By simply choosing to engage, we say YES to spiritual progress and NO to a stagnant faith.

Obviously, this Sunday is Mother’s Day, so we will definitely serve up some gratitude and encouragement for moms! However, Sunday’s message is for EVERYONE. Plus, I’ll ask you to join me in closing Sunday’s teaching in a unique way that I hope will be freeing for many.

See you at at 8:45, 10:10 or 11:30am this Sunday.

West Side's lead guy