True Grit The hardest part about running is to continue running. When the body tires and the shoes wear thin, there's a choice to be made: quit or keep pushing forward. The latter is much harder, but is what holds the capacity to get you across the finish line. The Bible says that following Jesus is a lot like running a lifelong race. Will you quit when the going gets tough? Or will you turn your eyes upward and keep going? Join us Sunday as we find the courage to grit it out as we push toward the finish line of faith.


The Opposite of Quit

Eddie Lowen | 4/7/2024

When the going gets tough in life, you need a gritty faith to get you through. This important quality will help you lean into God and hold on longer than expected. So, don’t give up. Hang on, commit to grit, and take the next step.

Gaining Grit

Eddie Lowen | 4/14/2024

We're certain that only one thing can consistently defeat worry: God's word. Things around you can be swirling out of your control, but there's a truth you can deploy to counter it: God is enough. Need to gain some grit like this in your life? Watch Eddie's full message, Gaining Grit.

The Hardest Part

Chip Ewald | 4/21/2024

Perhaps in the end, there’s actually only one kind of suffering after all: the kind God uses to teach us. To shape us. To purify us. To make us complete and mature. If you’re in a current season of suffering, check out this message and cling to your Father, who will not only see you through your suffering, but also teach you more about his loving goodness along the way.

Esther, Queen of Grit

Eddie Lowen | 4/28/2024

When the going got tough, Queen Esther didn’t wilt under pressure. She leaned into grit and saved her people. What hard thing is God is calling you to do today? Though the task may feel daunting, do as Esther did: lean into grit and find confidence, knowing that God has called you for such a time as this.