Only Murders in the Bible

Murder is a disturbing topic, yet the Bible documents a significant number of occasions when someone’s life was taken. In our day, we have all noticed the growing interest in murder narratives, especially those that are unsolved. There is no shortage of television series, movies and podcasts that depict and explore the ultimate crime. However, while modern murder mysteries engage our appetite for discerning whodunnit, and while they offer a glimpse into the human psyche, they do not always expose the root of the crime. Join us for this unique teaching series in which we will investigate some biblical murders and discover that the original crime scene has always been the heart.


Cain Kills Abel

Eddie Lowen | 3/3/2024

It’s crystal clear: You will never move beyond your anger if you don’t face it. And anger that goes unchecked? It might not lead to murder, but it certainly won’t lead to peace in your life, either. Fortunately, we can learn from others’ mistakes, in which case, Cain has much to teach us. 

Moses Kills an Egyptian

Eddie Lowen | 3/10/2024

Many of us move toward God only to remember our sin and hide from him. Friend, you have been redeemed. There’s no need to hide. If killing a man wasn’t the end of Moses’ story, your mistakes and messes aren’t the end of yours. Trust that God is still writing!

David Kills Uriah

Eddie Lowen | 3/17/2024

One of the most important postures you can take in life is one of repentance. Just ask King David. Sin separates us from God, but a repentant heart? It’ll bring you back and save you.

The Religious Leaders Kill Jesus

Jeremiah Auble | 3/24/2024

As we enter into Holy Week, reflect on the events that led to Jesus’ death on the cross. What began as people showering him with honor and praise quickly turned to betrayal, denial, insult, desertion, and rejection. Christ’s murder was intended to stop him once and for all. Praise God there’s far more to the story …