Out on a Limb If you've ever skipped over one of the long lists of names included in the Bible, well, you're not the first. Genealogies can be hard to connect with (and even harder to pronounce). That said, there's rich history and compelling stories behind many of the names -- especially when it comes to Jesus' family line. Join us for Out on a Limb as we investigate and learn from Christ's surprising family tree.


Unlikely Rahab

Jake Morgan | 11/19/2023

God has a way of using imperfect people to fulfill His perfect plan. Check out Sunday’s message and be encouraged by the active faith of an unlikely hero named Rahab.

Hypocritical David

Michael Swearingen | 11/26/2023

Unlike most genealogies of the day, Jesus’ family tree doesn’t shy away from people whose lives were riddled with sin and shame. David’s story is one of those. He was an incredible king and an adulterer, liar and murderer. Check out Michael’s message and give thanks that broken lives and stories always have a place in the family of Jesus. 

Unremarkable Joseph

Eddie Lowen | 12/10/2023

God can work through our messy lives to bring about his purposes. Check out Sunday’s message and be reminded that when you struggle to believe, God will help you. When your life has failed to play out according to plan, God is with you. Your messy life will never scare him. He’s always ready to walk toward you.

Unsuspecting Mary

Chip Ewald | 12/17/2023

God chose a poor, unimpressive girl from a small town with nothing to her name to bear his Son. He didn’t choose her because she was special, but she was special because she was chosen by God. Check out Sunday’s message on Mary and see yourself in her story. God has also chosen you, as ordinary as you are, to be a Christ-bearer.