Can't Live Without It

Oxygen, water, food -- without them, you haven't got a fighting chance. Likewise, there are essentials that our souls need to survive and thrive. Join us for our newest teaching series, Can't Live Without It and learn how to access and experience your soul's must-haves.



Eddie Lowen | 9/17/2023

You can search for true and lasting joy in a million places, but you’ll only find it in one. Check out Sunday’s message and look to Jesus for a joy that lasts.


Eddie Lowen | 9/24/2023

In stark contrast to the pompous religious elite of the day, Jesus led from a place of meek humility. As his followers, we should do the same. Check out Sunday’s message and exchange your spiritual pride for a humble attitude that says, “O God, I need you.” If Jesus couldn’t live without humility, neither can we. 


Chip Ewald | 10/1/2023

The world would like for you to think that Christianity is stifling your freedom. In reality, it's ushering you into the best and truest type of freedom: freedom that comes from binding yourself to God. Check out Sunday's message and let the good things of God run wild in your life by enslaving yourself to him.


Eddie Lowen | 10/8/2023

If you’re going to chase anything in life, don’t let it be money, fame, approval or success. Use your days to pursue wisdom. Check out Sunday’s message and learn how to tap into a type of wisdom that brings with it discernment, peace, confidence, prosperity and more. 


Eddie Lowen | 10/15/2023

Since the time sin separated the human race from God, waiting has been one of the consequences. And that’s why God calls and even commands us to come to terms with waiting. Do you struggle with patience? Check out Sunday’s message on waiting.