TRU$T God loves to be trusted, not just in some things but in all things. Join us for our latest teaching series as we learn to TRU$T God's desire to make us generous people.


Own Nothing

Eddie Lowen | 5/21/2023

When we arrive at the truth that we own nothing, but are simply managing what's been given to us, we move in the right direction. Check out Sunday's message and begin to TRU$T God with it all.

Give Proportionately

Eddie Lowen | 5/28/2023

It’s radically counter-cultural and will not likely be at the top of the list of things your financial adviser recommends; nonetheless, tithing is the single-best financial decision you’ll ever make. Whether you’re far from making that decision, are ready to begin, or plan to continue, check out Eddie’s message and be challenged to live a life of greater generosity. Ready to say yes to the challenge? Head to

Celebrate Enough

Chip Ewald | 6/4/2023

Want to be rich? It has far more to do with your mindset than your bank account. Check out Sunday’s message and learn to find contentment in having enough.