What He Said Jesus' words left his followers in awe and captivated his enemies. That type of influence? It's worth following. Join us Sundays for our latest teaching series, where we'll highlight some of Jesus' most significant words and ask him to transform us through them -- because what he said then still matters for us today.


About the Things He Said

Eddie Lowen | 3/5/2023

Life comes unassembled and must be put together. Build yours on the only secure foundation – build it on What He Said. Check out Sunday’s message and allow the words of Jesus to shape and direct every facet of your life.

About Self-Discovery

Jeremiah Auble | 3/12/2023

If you’re aiming to find your true self, don’t do as the world suggests and look inward. Your heart will only mislead you. Instead, look upward to Jesus. Abide in him and find the life you’ve always wanted. Check out Sunday’s message. 

About Religion

Eddie Lowen | 3/19/2023

God isn't concerned with you becoming a more religious person. He wants you to become a completely different person by receiving the new life he offers through Jesus. Check out Eddie's message from Sunday and learn why being born again trumps living by religious assumptions and attitudes.

About Judging Others

Eddie Lowen | 3/26/2023

What did Jesus say on the topic of judging others? Check out Sunday’s message and learn to show genuine care and concern over the sins of others by approaching them in fairness, humility and love.

About the Church

Eddie Lowen | 4/2/2023

When the future looks bright, and when the future looks bleak, Jesus has promised: NOTHING will stop his church. Check out Eddie's message and commit to furthering God's church by being a Jesus-centered, engaged part of it.