Best Gift Ever As we move into the holiday season, join us Sundays at West Side, where we'll be taking a close look at the best gift any of us has ever received: the Savior, Jesus. He came as a baby and grew into the Messiah who would rescue us all.


Gift to Myself (Gratitude)

Eddie Lowen | 11/20/2022

As we head into Thanksgiving this week, let’s remember that the very thing we celebrate on this holiday is something we should practice 365 days a year: Gratitude. Feeling grateful is one thing, but expressing it through words is a whole other. Check out Eddie’s message from Sunday and be grateful – it might just change your outlook on life.

A Wise Comforter (Wonderful Counselor)

Eddie Lowen | 11/27/2022

How do you respond when negative experiences or disappointing news make their way into your life? If you're like a lot of people, you become cynical. You lose your sense of wonder and gratitude. You stop believing in people, in noble ideas, and maybe even in God. But it doesn't have to be that way. Wonder is a choice! Check out Eddie's message from Sunday and choose to live with a sense of wonder this week

A Great Rescuer (Mighty God)

Michael Swearingen | 12/4/2022

Only a Mighty God could turn water to wine, drive out demons, heal the sick, give vision to the blind, raise the dead, defeat sin and overcome death. Check out Sunday’s message and make no mistake: Our Jesus is Mighty. He’s our Divine Hero. And he’s coming again. 

A Loving Provider (Everlasting Father)

Eddie Lowen | 12/11/2022

Whether you realize it or not, you have always had a Father with you. A father who hasn’t missed a thing. A father who knows you at your core, sins and all, but is still proud. A father who will never leave your side. Check out Sunday’s message and be reminded – you are so very loved by your everlasting heavenly father.

A Peaceful Ruler (Prince of Peace)

Chip Ewald | 12/18/2022

How in the world is God going to get his whole creation to experience peace? Through a leader – not one of military or coercive force, but one who is gentle and meek. Check out Sunday’s message and don’t miss Jesus, our Prince of Peace. He’s inviting you out of chaos and into his way of living.