Ride or Die Your ride or die is the person you can count on, regardless of what life brings your way. It's the person who will stick by your side, no matter what. When Jesus promised, "I am with you always," he meant it. Join us for our latest teaching series, Ride or Die, and find a lifelong friend in Jesus.


In the Desert of Temptation

Eddie Lowen | 9/18/2022

Satan is real. He’s cruel and conniving, and he’s motivated to draw you into temptation. Learn to stand up to his attempts by following Jesus’ lead. Check out Sunday’s message to learn more.

On the Sea of Anxiety

Eddie Lowen | 9/25/2022

Jesus is the answer to everything, including your anxiety. Check out Eddie’s message and be reminded: When life feels out of control, there is One who is still holding it all together, and he can be trusted.

On the Mountain of Worship

Chip Ewald | 10/2/2022

You may never experience Jesus’ glory with your own eyes on this side of heaven, but when you make him your ride or die in this life, he’ll walk you through suffering into resurrection glory on the other side. Check out Sunday’s message and obey Jesus above all. 

At the Door of Death

Eddie Lowen | 10/9/2022

It’s common ground for all humanity – each of us will someday die. These bodies will someday fail us. As that day inches nearer, focus your heart on the future. When you know Jesus, you have an unbelievable one waiting for you. Check out Sunday’s message.