Crazy Love

If there is one realm that confirms the widening gap between God's design for our lives and the way our culture urges us to live, it is human relationships. And, nowhere is this more true than in our romantic relationships. The things we do in our attempts to give and receive love -- well, they can be downright crazy!

Join us for our new teaching series as we put love under the microscope with the help of the Scriptures. Whether you're crazy about the idea of love, or love is making you crazy, CRAZY LOVE will help you discover the truth about what drives our most important relationships.

Series Resources


  • Love Talk – Les & Leslie Parrott – RightNow Media Study
    Do you ever feel like your spouse is speaking in a foreign language? Do you know when to talk and when to clam up? Do you long to experience a stronger relationship and better communication in your marriage? Get ready to crack the code of your personal talk styles in this 5-part series on RightNow Media. (If you need a free RightNow Media account, visit to sign up.)
  • Marriage – Dr. Henry Cloud
    See 13 short videos from Dr. Henry Cloud that are scripturally-based to address various topics on marriage. (If you need a free RightNow Media account, visit to sign up.)
  • “Created for Connection: The "Hold Me Tight" Guide for Christian Couples” – Sue Johnson
    This book resource provides seven conversations for a lifetime of love. Are you looking to enrich a healthy relationship, revitalize a tired one, or rescue one gone awry? Do you yearn to grow closer to God, and to further incorporate Him and His teachings into your marriage? We all want a lifetime of love, support, and faith. But sometimes we need a little help.
  • Being Intentional In Your Marriage – 5 Day Bible Reading Plan
    A strong and healthy marriage doesn’t happen accidentally. Being intentional is key to having the marriage we’ve always dreamed of. In this 5-day Plan on the Bible app, you can dive into many different topics that will help you begin the process of being intentional with your spouse so that your marriage can be what you’ve always desired it to be.



Seeking Sexual Wholeness

  • “Why Does God Care Who I Sleep With?” – Sam Allberry
    This book offers a biblical perspective on what sex is designed to be, to mean and to do for us.
  • “Washed and Waiting” – Wesley Hill
    As a celibate gay Christian, Hill gives us a glimpse of what it looks like to wrestle firsthand with God's "No" to same-sex sexual intimacy. What does it mean for gay Christians to be faithful to God while struggling with the challenge of their homosexuality? What is God's will for believers who experience same-sex desires? Weaving together reflections from his own life and the lives of other Christians, Hill offers a fresh perspective on these questions and more.
  • The Good News about our Longings: Sexuality and Spirituality – Rich Villodas
    In this short blog post, Rich Villodas discusses the core longings and desires behind our sexuality and spirituality. What we do with our sexual desires and longings says a lot about what we believe about God.