Relationship Goals

Most people want to have a great relationship with someone they call “the love of my life.” But as much we all want it to happen, the universe of relationships is littered with relational debris and disappointment. To put it clearly, we’ve gotten it wrong – a lot – when it comes to relationships. What should we be aiming for in relationships? Whose template should we follow? And what principles and behaviors are most likely to help it happen? We’ll chase down God’s answers to those questions during our series, Relationship Goals

Join us this Sunday for our series, Relationship Goals


Bible Reading Plan

Read this 7 day plan that combines a short, practical devotional with God’s Word.

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The New Rules for Love, Sex & Dating

Watch a 4 part teaching series from Andy Stanley about the behaviors that God prioritizes in love and relationships.

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Staying In Love

Watch a 4 part teaching series from Andy Stanley about what it takes to stay in love.

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How to Pray Together

Find some practical steps to begin connecting with God through prayer as a couple.

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More Resources

Discover helpful tools for a wide variety of topics related to family life.

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