Made For This

You Were Made for This

Here's the deal. You were not placed on this planet for nothing. And you also weren't placed here for just anything. God created you with a specific plan in mind: to worship and reflect him in all you do. That is your purpose. And while it might seem daunting to live a godly life in today's culture, rest assured -- you are right where he wants you. You were made for this.

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Engage through devotions that will have you reading Bible verses, focusing your thoughts on God and considering important questions.

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My Highest Purpose

Eddie Lowen | 2/4/2024

You were made to elevate Jesus over everything and everyone– including yourself. So, what does it look like to live by the words, less of me, more of you? Check out Eddie’s teaching and ask God to use your life to point toward his.

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Built Different

Eddie Lowen | 2/11/2024

God cherishes one thing above everything else he created: people. He designed you to look like him – to bear his image--along with the rest of humanity. So, reflect your maker in all you do; after all – you were made for this! 

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Custom Made

Eddie Lowen | 2/18/2024

God knows the highest and best use of your life, and he is committed to equipping you for it. In fact, he has instilled in you a gift, a God-given capacity that is needed by others and is fulfilling for you. Curious how to figure out what you’ve been made for? Watch Eddie’s message, Custom Made, and learn how you can live out your truest calling.  

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Ruined and Remade

Michael Swearingen | 2/25/2024

You can't live a new life if you're stuck in your old ways, so throw off your old self once and for all and surrender fully to Christ. You'll look different from the world, but that's because you are. Thank God for new life and second chances! 

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