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Let's Be Fearless

Jesus was as direct about our calling to live fearlessly as anything: Do not fear… take courage… do not let your hearts be troubled… do not be dismayed.

Why? Because fear is poison in the hearts of Jesus-followers, individually and collectively; so, as Westsiders, we are renewing our commitment to BOLD faith as we envision the future of our city and our church’s place in it.

Join us as we become FEARLESS together!

Eddie Lowen
Lead Guy

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New Kids Wing Construction Began March 4

Construction on West Side’s new kids wing and concourse addition kicked off on Monday, March 4 and is scheduled to open later this year! We’ll continue to provide regular construction updates by email throughout the process.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Where to enter the building: Throughout the duration of construction, please use the temporary entrance (marked by a big, blue tent on the west side of the building) on Sunday mornings. During the week, please make use of the Cafe Entrance and park on the south side of the building.

Front View
Springfield Christian School: SCS families are asked to use the temporary school entrance (facing Veterans Parkway) during the week. Please see their site for school-related details.

Construction Renderings