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Let's Be Fearless

Jesus was as direct about our calling to live fearlessly as anything: Do not fear… take courage… do not let your hearts be troubled… do not be dismayed.

Why? Because fear is poison in the hearts of Jesus-followers, individually and collectively; so, as Westsiders, we are renewing our commitment to BOLD faith as we envision the future of our city and our church’s place in it.

Join us as we become FEARLESS together!

Eddie Lowen
Lead Guy

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On Sunday, October 21 at 6:00pm, Westsiders will get their first chance to make a financial commitment to Fearless.

As we embark on the FEARLESS journey together, we couldn’t be more excited to welcome you to Advance Commitment Night. On Sunday, October 21, Westsiders will gather together in a large tent on our property and worship at the site of our future Worship Center. Come ready to lead out in generosity and pray for the countless people who will come to know Jesus on this holy ground. It’s going to be an unforgettable evening – one you simply cannot miss. Seats are limited and kid care is available, so register today!