Life of Love You've likely heard it referenced, even if you've not spent much time reading the Bible. Known as The Love Chapter, 1 Corinthians 13 reminds us that love is patient. It's kind. It doesn't envy or boast. It never fails. A wedding ceremony is one thing, but these truths are intended for all of us, every day. Join us for our Sunday morning teaching series, Life of Love, as we aim to live each and every day of our lives in radical love toward others.


Love is Patient

Chip Ewald | 6/2/2024

Love is not just a word. It must become a way. It’s not just a feeling, rather, it needs to be a habitual behavior. In a world bent on outrage and reactivity, practice love by being patient with others when they fall short. After all, it’s how God loves you.


Jake Morgan | 6/9/2024

Do you find yourself feeling jealous of others? Maybe it only comes up every once in a while. But maybe your jealousy happens more often. And just maybe, it's become toxic. Whether you struggle with jealousy often or occasionally, Jake's message will help you grow in your love for others. 

Exchanging Pride for Humility

Chris Sandel | 6/16/2024

Humility is not just a compelling character trait. It’s a life-giving gift we offer to those we love. Watch last Sunday’s message and realize that the greatest pathway to your own joy is to look out for the interests of others.